Hemp Profit Gets Real

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Hemp Profit Gets Real

1. 40 acres yielded 80,000 of dried industrial hemp in Kentucky in 2015.

2. 2016 cloned 200,000 plants in 7 days, planting 65 acres.

3. Greenhouse propagation is necessary for female plants.

4. Female plants produce flowers, main source of CBD (no money in male plants).

5. Flower has 71-20 percent of total CBD, but entire plant has CBD, making overall yield critical to profit.

6. 3,000 lb per acre of dried hemp in powder form goal for 2017.

7. Farming method mimics commercial vegetable production (cucumber setter on top of raised beds, drip table beneath plastic mulching, with annual rye sown before hemp planting to reduce erosion and control weeds in 72 inch middles).

8. Labor cost is triple other inputs.

9. Fertigates through drip tape.

10. Used tree trimming lockers for harvest, cut plant down above plastic line.

11. Harvested hemp is loaded into trailers and shipped to Kentucky processing facility.

12. Hemp quality deteriorates quickly, harvested only what they could ship that day.

Source: https://www.agweb.com/article/hemp-profit-gets-real-naa-chris-bennett/

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Hemp Profit Gets Real

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