Altalo Grower Group Brings In $2,000,000 Harvest in 2016

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Altalo Grower Group Brings In $2,000,000 Harvest in 2016

1. Atalo Holdings, Inc. (industrial hemp) claimed $2 million payout to their Growers Group in 2016.tli

2. Hemp production was for hemp grain and CBD production in 2016.

3. Potential of positive rural economic development for Winchester, Kentucky.

4. One of groups farmers said that the return on investment was better than corn.

5. Multiple uses of hemp make revenue on par with tobacco.

6. 58 growers in group had available 2,466 acres of hemp production, and used 410 acres for CBD, and 755 acres for grain and seed replication.

7. Gross returns from production of CBD on par if not better than tobacco on a per acre basis.

8. Farmers can use existing tobacco equipment for hemp farming.

9. The Hemp Research Campus in Winchester, Kentucky, is operated by Atalo Holdings, Inc., Super Food Processing, Kentucky CBD, and Kentucky Hemp Seed.

Source: https://www.hempbizjournal.com/altalo-holding-hemp-harvest-2016/

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Altalo Grower Group Brings In $2,000,000 Harvest in 2016

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