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Delivery Information: 


When you get your crate delivered, here is what to expect, and please inspect carefully:


1. The freight company should give you some notice of delivery. Delivery truckers are awful about notifying (they're all the same), and poor at reading the time. Feel free to call the trucking company and if you see on the tracking that it is at the local terminal, ask for a delivery time.


2. Upon arrival, the large crate will be offloaded using the truck lift-gate and a pallet jack. It is the responsibility of the trucker to only offload. They are not responsible for putting in your garage, uncrating, etc. (Yes, we've had customers complain that the trucker did not uncrate the machine for them).


3. Immediately upon arrival, please inspect the exterior of the crate for any damage. Pay special attention to the tip indicators on the crate.


4. If you see any damage, photograph immediately, and especially photograph the entire crate regardless, including the tip indicators.


5. Whether or not there is damage, you need to sign the delivery paper. If there is damage, indicate "Exterior Damage" and any other comments, get a copy of the receipt, and the trucker will leave. Typically these delivery truckers are not patient.


6. As you uncrate your machine, please take lots of photos. If you notice any interior tip-indicator or damage, take photos and notify Infinity as soon as possible.


7. In most cases the shop tries to bolt down the frame to the inside bottom of the crate. You will need to un-bolt the frame from the crate to move out.


8. Since the crate is about 6 inches above the floor level, you may need a small ramp or board as a transition from the crate to the floor, when wheeling the system out.


Notes About On-Site System Operational Training: 


- Preparation (Please confirm that the following have been taken care of prior to confirming training schedule) 

- Equipment needs to be out of the crate and setup in an appropriate space 

- Appropriate power needs to be available for each machine 

- Dedicated 30A 220v Single Phase circuit able to connect to the system L14-30 plug 

- Exhaust manifold needs to be vented to the outside atmosphere 

- CO2 Monitor needs to be setup and functional 

- A minimum of 200 lbs of liquid CO2 (with Syphon Tube cylinders) must be on hand for each machine 

- An appropriate chiller must be on site and along with any necessary components to properly connect to the extraction system (if the chiller requires anything other than water for example glycol or other antifreeze, it should be on hand or already set up) 

- The focus of this standard training is on the safe and effective operation of the equipment along with a few basic maintenance items. This training does not cover extraction theory, technique, or practice.  At no time during the training will plant material be used in the extraction vessel.  All training will take place on systems that contain nothing other than CO2. 

- Please have basic tools available in the event that minor adjustments need to be made during training.