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-diverse group of organic HydroCarbons (C5H8), produced by a wide variety of plants -terpenoids are terpenes which have been chemically modified. They are important building blocks for certain odors, hormones, vitamins, pigments, steroids, resins, essential oils, and CANNABINOIDS!

-they are released from plants when temperatures are higher, helping to seed clouds which then cool the plants

-they interact with each other synergistically for a range of different smells/qualities/effects

Effects when ingested by an animal can be:

-anti-microbial, anti-carcinogen, anti-oxidant, analgesic (painkiller), anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxer, anti-depressant, psychoactive (active molecules in Wormwood/absinthe, Salvia, and Cannabis), anti-anxiety, sedative, vasoconstrictor, vasorelaxant, sensory elevator...

-some are poisonous to varying degrees and act as natural pesticides (poison hemlock)

In Cannabis:

-over 120 different terpenes can be manufactured by Cannabis, some only in trace amounts with others in double-digit percentage

-produced in the trichomes, the same glands where THC is produced, comprising between 10 and 20 percent of the total oils produced by the glands

-about 10-29 percent of marijuana smoke resin is composed of terpenes/terpenoids

-age, maturation and time of day can affect the amount and ratios of terpenes. They are constantly being produced but are vaporized by heat and light of the day... so harvest in early morning!

-climate and weather also affect terpene and flavonoid production. The same variety, even genotype, can produce a different terpene profile when grown in different soils or with different fertilizers.

-in addition to many circulatory and muscular effects, some terpenes interact with neurological receptors and modify their chemical output

-a few bind weakly to Cannabinoid receptors

-others seem to alter the permeability of cell membranes and allow in either more or less THC -others affect serotonin and dopamine chemistry (neurotransmitters)

Examples of some common Terpenes found in Cannabis:


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