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1 Budder

2 Closed-Loop Extraction

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Cannabis extract that’s way stronger than regular cannabis. It’s an opaque form of hash oil with a concentration of about 80-90% THC. In the usual form, you can’t get weed that’s stronger than 30%, so this stuff really is potent. The method for extracting such a concentrated dose was discovered by Budderking, who is now infamous in the cannabis subculture.

Closed-loop extraction is a process in which the cannabinoid oils are extracted from marijuana in a contained, mechanized environment. The extraction process is handled by a machine that keeps the solvent from being exposed to air, and because of its contained nature this method has been ruled safer than other methods — some of which can lead to unfortunate accidents such as explosions and horrifying cases of face melting.

CO2 extraction is the process through which CO2 is utilized to extract the cannabinoid oils -- marijuana's "liquid gold" -- from a marijuana plant. These cannabinoid oils can then be easily mixed with any type of food (or whatever someone's crazy enough to put them in). THC is one of the principal components of cannabinoid oils and is essentially what the process is designed to extract.

In the marijuana business, concentrates are quickly growing in popularity. Concentrates are generally super-strong substances derived from marijuana flowers: commonly known as hash or oil, concentrates often have to undergo special preparation processes in order to be enjoyed by consumers. It is an umbrella term that will pop up often when discussing marijuana intake methods, and its growing popularity suggests that it will only become more and more mainstream as legalization efforts continue.

3 CO2 Extraction

4 Concentrate

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