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C02 Extracted Cannabis Oil

CO2 oil is a concentrated cannabis extract using a method called supercritical fluid extraction. This technique uses liquid carbon dioxide at high pressure to extract the cannabinoids present in our sun grown organic cannabis flowers. Since CO2 is a naturally occurring compound, no residues or toxins are

left in the extraction process. The flawless nature of the plant is maintained through C02 extraction.

We always suggest starting off with small amounts and slowly increasing over time. Our C02 extracted oil is super, highly concentrated.

Usage – Optimizing one’s therapeutic dose of cannabis oil usually entails a careful, step-by-step process, whereby a patient starts with small doses of oil, observes the results and gradually increases the dose.

Desired amount can be ingested directly in the mouth, smeared on the gums, added to food, put into a capsule for delivery via mouth or mixed with coconut oil and added to a suppository mold. Our ACDC high CBD CO2 extract is 60% CBD, while our OG Kush high THC CO2 extract is over 60% THC. The oil is thick and viscous and will not dissolve in a water based drink. Warming the oil to 100 degrees makes it flow easily.

Cancer Patients – It is generally recommended that cancer patients titrate up to a dosage of 1 gram of CO2 extract per day, with the goal being to ingest 60 grams of cannabis oil in 90 days or less period of time. Depending on how your body reacts

to this high level of cannabinoid intake titrating up to 1 gram of cannabis oil per day can take 2-3 weeks. See our handy FECO dosage chart below for an example.

As always, discuss any treatment you are considering with your physician prior to beginning.

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