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The World of Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis Concentrates have been around since the plant and human beings first struck up a relationship. The reasons are simple: Storage and transportation, for a barter or an ethnic ice breaker, efficiency and ease of dose for medicine, or maybe just to get more bang for your bungi.

Cannabis Concentrates are a great way of maximising the yield and earning potential of a crop. What would otherwise have been composted, if you're a savvy and conscious grower, can now realise its full economic potential.

Concentrates are an art form, taking many hours of hard work and dedication to produce the crème de la crème for the connoisseur or patient. Concentrates can be used in several ways: Ingested (most common medicinal use, especially for serious illness), used for making tinctures, topical creams and baked goods, and vapourized (called “dabbing”) using a glass pipe or purpose-made vapourizer.

Whatever the reason and origin, concentrates are a big part of Cannabis culture. The 2013 Cannabis Cup in Oakland USA boasted that concentrates were 75% more popular than cannabis flowers; with only 25% of the cup entrants being flowers.

The current upsurge of interest in concentrates has created its own brand of misinformation and some fear surrounding this form of Cannabis. Find out as much as you can about this alternative use of a non toxic plant. If the solvent extraction is vacuum purged by an experienced extractor you should have no cause for concern. So, for some fun and in order to educate and share, I have compiled a list of various concentrates and their different names and categories for your perusal.

Hash / Hashish

Keef/Kief/Polen/Polm - separated trichomes.

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