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CO2 Bulk Delivery System

Courtney Barkey, R. Chris Jones, D.J. Lee, Dennis McBrearty, Merrill Myers

Executive Summary

Supercritical Fluids Technologies, Inc. designs, manufactures, and implements supercritical fluid extractors that serve to extract pure oils. SFT provides a full range of services in order to meet the specific needs in supercritical fluid extraction and reaction science. The company currently uses CO2 drawn from cylinders that contain 40 L of useable CO2 in the liquid phase. Issues have been brought up due to the cost of the tank and the space occupied by cumbersome liquid tanks. The approach to this problem is to use a vapor draw Dewar tank of CO2, which contains 300 L of CO2 mixture, at a fraction the cost of liquid tanks. In order to use the Dewar tank, CO2 will be drawn into a distillation system that will precede the SFT machinery. The primary function of this design is to condense the CO2 to a liquid of high purity. Considerations for safety and delivery conditions will shape the other aspects of the design. When completed, SFT will be delivered a working prototype for use in their lab, with the potential for future commercialization.

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