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—22— O’Shaughnessy’s • Winter/Spring 2013

Project CBD update: the tango of supply and demand

By O’Shaughnessy’s News Service

Most patients looking for CBD- rich medicine do not intend to smoke or vaporize it; they prefer tinctures or edibles for long-last- ing effect. receives a steady stream of requests from would-be users and their family members —some casual, some des- perate— wondering where CBD-rich med- icine can be obtained. The website, replete with introductory information about CBD, will soon be upgraded with new material, says Lee, who devoted himself to Smoke Signals for the past year.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is well on its way to becoming a household word. Increas- ing numbers of medical marijuana users know that the non-psychoactive cannabi- noid dominant in hemp strains has impor- tant medical effects. CBD-rich plants have been crossed with one another and new strains of interest have been identi ed by labs. And, most signi cantly, extracts with measurable doses of THC and CBD are available.

ers as “AC/DC” and “Oracle.”

Clones from these plants with 20 times

dispensaries continue catering to a market Lee calls “Kushville,” and covet buds with high THC levels. Many patients looking for CBD-rich medicine do not intend to smoke or vaporize it; they prefer extracts or edibles for long-lasting effect. Since ex- tracts and edibles can be made from trim and leaf, there is strong demand for CBD- rich verdure. Trim that growers once gave away or sold for a minimal price to tincture and edible producers is now being sold for

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CBD Strains From Europe Grown out in California

Allies in Europe pro- vided Project CBD with seeds from nine CBD- rich strains. Four seeds from each variety were grown out by a trusted friend in a sunlit garden in northern California. He reports:

Flowering revealed that all plants were females. CBD Shark and Mango Haze seemed vulnerable to cold as they were very slow to start. Two CBD Shark and three CBD Mango Haze plants died while growing out in small pots. Day time tem- peratures were 55F to 65F and down to 40F at night.

CBD Shark: Not a big plant, no problems with bugs or molds. Set ower rst around August 5, and nished rst on October 1. Heavy producer for such a small plant.

Several offspring of the “Cannatonic” seeds originally provided to Project CBD by European allies were found to have a CBD-to-THC ratio slightly greater than 20-to-1. Similiar CBD:THC ratios have turned up in plants identi ed by the grow-

Several factors contribute to the imbal- ance between supply and demand. Most

more CBD than THC are being grown out in large quantities to meet the increasing demand for CBD-rich products by medical users.

Medical Use and “Kushville”

“Project CBD played a big role in car- rying the message,” says director Martin A. Lee. “What we could not achieve was a balance of supply and demand.”

Same strain, different names? The Werc Shop’s Analysis

terpeNoid profiles of “oracle” (above) aNd “ac/dc” (below) were provided by The Werc Shop in milligrams per gram (lists at right) and bar charts. Terpenoids are aromatic com- pounds that give cannabis plants their smell. In both samples myrcene, a terpenoid known for its sedative properties, predominated. Both samples contained commonly encountered levels of pinene and β-caryophylene, and relatively high levels of bisabolol (a constituent of chamo- mile), eudesemol (found in Eucalyptus), guaialol (found in guaiacum and Cypress pine) and valencene (found in citrus fruits, especially Valencia Oranges). Guaiacum trees are native to the Caribbean, and their gum has been used for various medicinal purposes.

caNNabiNoid levels iN leaves of oracle (left) aNd ac/dc as reported by the werc shop, contained more than 24:1 THC to CBD. samples had been taken from four-week old plants.

The seeds were started

on April 20, 2012. The

seeds were transplanted

to pots on April 22nd

with 100% germination.

On June 20th, the survi-

vors were transplanted

into amended soil mix

of garden soil and forest

humus. Soil tests showed that they only needed supplemental nitrogen, which was provided by aged feather meal and bat gua- no. Once the soil warmed, approximately on July 1, the plants exploded into growth and only needed water and sunlight until nished.

ducer but seemed the weakest of these vari- eties. One plant had a few spider mites, and the dreaded bud moth/ caterpillars were only interested in this plant of all the plants in the garden.

α-Bisabolol .35

β-caryophylene .33 β-eudesmol .20

guaialol .20

α-humulene .12 limonene .13

α-pinene .70 β-pinene .29

α-terpineol .04

Valencene .09

myrcene 1.91


My next step is to work with a chemist who uses hexane to extract the oil —the same as the commercial food industry uses to extract soy for veggie-burgers. Our plan is to make mostly “generic CBD-rich oil” and a few strain-speci c oils.

CBD Mango Haze: Strong sativa, no problems with bugs or molds. Late to set ower, never got real chunky and a late nisher. It wanted more time on the 21st of October.

Chemist Bernard Hopkins of Dabbers Delightadds:“Agramofoilextractedwith hexane has signi cantly higher levels than a dried ower of not just cannabinoids but also the terpenes and avonols, which are known to have medicinal effect.

CBD Nordle: Strong and vigorous plant, no problems with bugs or molds. A good producer with a strong piney smell. Anec- dotal evidence suggests it is good for pain relief, trimmers loved it.

“With each new strain comes the pos- sibility of making a new extract with po- tentially unique medical properties. By making strain-speci c CBD concentrates, we are able to document and test the dif- ferent entourage effects of compounds that act differently together than they do as in- dividual constituents.

CBD Critical Mass: Only plant to show any sign of powdery mildew and on one branch only, was next to a plant that had lots of mildew, not a CBD variety. Was free of any other problems and was the heaviest producer. Anecdotal evidence is of strong, stoney smoke.

“By comparing oils with similar CBD- to-THC ratios but different terpene levels, we can nally begin to identify which of these compounds are exerting which ef- fects on the body and mind.”

CBD Outdoor Mix: A fairly good pro-

“Nardle”comiNg oN iN late august.

CBD Medi-Haze: Strong beautiful sa- tiva that nished

CBD Yummy: Strong plant and good producer, late nisher that wanted more time on Oct 20th.

with uorescent purple hairs on the owers. Very nice smoke with

heavy buds.

All plants were in a garden that received

approximately eight hours of direct full sunlight per day. Elevation of the garden is approx 3,000 feet with southern expo- sure and the water is free of chlorine and all other chemicals. Ph of the water is 6.0.

Strain-speci c oils

In our rst collaboration, approximately 600 grams of “Nordle” owers were made into 130 grams of oil. I liked the smell, it was productive, and it was rst harvested.

α-Bisabolol .28

β-caryophylene .24

guaialol .20 α-humulene .08

β-pinene .24

Valencenol .07

myrcene 1.94

β-eudesmol .19

limonene .13

α-pinene .56

myrcene 1.94

α-terpineol .04

NiNe straiNs from spaiN growN from seed by a project cbd ally were tested by Pure Analyt- ics lab in late October. Darkened cells indicate highest quantities of THC, CBD, and CBG detected among the samples.

Copyright 2013 by O’Shaughnessy’s. All rights reserved. Address reprint requests to

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