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Decarboxylation of cannabis

The following information about decarboxylation was not written by Cannabis Chris, but was pulled from another site r rt f r rc f r “Marijuana Decarboxylation: how to decarboxylate medical marijuana “What is Decarboxylation?“ f t r rt c t t r t t t c r t t c good information for me to leave out.

After reading this information, along with a graph that shows decarboxylation temperatures, I will be doing some experimenting with a few more methods of decarboxylating

marijuana and I will post the results here.

Anyway, here is some great information from one of the big pharma companies, about the decarboxylation process, some of the info is pretty boring, but please read it all. That way you will have the best understanding of the c r t t c t t

“ c r t t c rr t r r t r ft r tr ct t

In a preferred embodiment the decarboxylation st c ct t t t t r t t r t r and for times which ensure at least 95% conversion of the acid cannabinoids from the acid form to their neutral form whilst ensuring thermal degradation of THC to CBN is less than 10%.

Decarboxylation of cannabinoid acids is a function of time and temperature, thus at higher temperatures a shorter period of time will be taken for complete decarboxylation of a given amount of cannabinoid acid. In selecting appropriate conditions for decarboxylation consideration must, however, be given to minimising thermal degradation of the desirable, pharmacological cannabinoids into undesirable degradation products, particularly thermal degradation of THC to cannabinol (CBN).

Preferably, decarboxylation is carried out in a multi-step heating process in which the plant material is:

Image | Decarboxylation of cannabis

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